VICUBE Animation

Photorealistic Earth


Hi there, this is a high quality planet model which can be used for professional documentaries or movies. It is a more advanced version than the approaches you find in most tutorials to this topic. This model doesn´t have a disturbing pinching in the poles and can be used from every angle. Also during the transition from night to day, the corresponding areas are also colored somewhat reddish, as is the case in real life. The sun can be rotated in any direction and the city lights only shine on the dark side accordingly. The stars in the background are also included. In the downloads is also a 21K Version for less memory usage and faster render times. The scene is made in Blender 3.3. The download contains everything you see in the pictures. Textures are packed in the file so that you only have to download the file and have everything you need. Scene is made for the Cycles Render Engine.


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