VICUBE Animation

Name: Danaya

Age: 26

Country: Cyprus

Languages: Russian, English

Role: 3D Animator

Social Media:


I’m a 3D artist who constantly explores new styles, genres, and software. I enjoy visualizing anything that deeply impresses me, so I rarely stick to one theme in personal projects.

However, I also always have a sincere interest in the projects offered: I believe it’s important to exchange experiences and implement ideas together with other artists. Collaborative work yields amazing results!

Involved Projects:

Dreams - Overcome your fear

The Work

Danaya made the oasis in the desert for the movie „Dreams – Overcome your fear“.

The Sher-Dor Madrasah is an educational and spiritual building in Samarkand on Registan Square. Together with the Ulugbek and Tillya-Kari madrasahs, it forms an architectural ensemble.

Once Samarkand was one of the centers on the Great Silk Road. Many merchants traveled thousands of kilometers through deserts and mountains. When they, tired and exhausted, reached the city, it became a miracle for them in the midst of endless sandy steppes. Therefore she depicted the Sher-Dor Madrasah as an oasis.



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