VICUBE Animation

Title: A normal future day

Length: 14 min

Genre: Comedy

Age rating: 12 Years

Platforms: Youtube

Publication date: Juli, 16 2023

Production time: 2 months

Languages: English

Render time: 2 weeks

Render engine: Cycles X

Involved Artists

Tim Masin


Niko Masin



This short film is inspired by a strange dream i had months ago. It is about a somewhat apocalyptic future that is increasingly being taken over by artificial intelligence. The world is flooded with fake news and the robots no longer do what they are supposed to do. All the technology appears to be underdeveloped and at the same time superior to humans. I tried to make everything a little over the top and absurd. I found the combination of old and new technologies/inventions quite amusing and gave most of it a steampunk touch. The film was entirely made in Blender and rendered with Cycles. The rendering time was about two weeks using two computers. Most frames were rendered with 2000 samples and motion blur was partly added afterwards in the compositor.


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