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3D Character (10 Openings)

Old Toy Character

Project: Gingerbread Man

Application Deadline: 01.05.2024

Format: Blender (.blend)

Description: A lively old discarded toy that resides along with others in an attic. Primarily meant for background roles and theoretically can be any type of toy that can be animated, like robots, action figures, dolls, animals or monsters etc. They should already appear relatively worn out/vintage. Or that something is already missing or broken off. Like toys that have been thrown into the attic because they are no longer wanted. For copyright reasons, no original toys may be imitated. The size shouldn´t be too large. If interested, please feel free to reach out with a suggestion of what type of toy you would like to create.

Details: The character has to look realistic and work with Cycles. And it has to be rigged and in T-pose (if human like). We work with Auto-Rig Pro Rigs for the body animation and Apples ARkit 52 Blend Shapes for the facial animation. So the best would be if the body is rigged with Auto-Rig Pro and the facial part done with Faceit which allows you to create these blend shapes. If necessary, we could also convert other rigs.

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