VICUBE Animation

Title: Dreams - Overcome your fear

Length: 6,5 min

Genre: Comedy Drama

Age rating: 6 Years

Platforms: Youtube

Publication date: February, 15 2023

Production time: 1 year

Languages: English

Render time: 1 month

Render engine: Cycles X

Involved Artists

Tim Masin



3D Animator


It took me almost a year to finish this project but i´m happy to finally show you my next little short film i was working on lately.

The film is about a living cardboard box which is tired of the seemingly perfect world he´s living in. He wants to get out of the city and experience his own adventures, giving up his security to do so.

The idea of the film came to me during the height of the corona pandemy when you were only allowed to stay at home and the desire to experience new things increased.

Huge thanks to @SouthernShotty and @MartinKlekner who inspired and teached me with their awesome tutorials and courses for this film.

Also thanks to @3d-illusions for his Turbo Tools plugin and incredible support. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have got some of my noise free shots without absurdly high sample rates.

The film was entirely made in Blender and rendered with Cycles. The rendering time was about one month using two computers.


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