VICUBE Animation


Length: 4 min

Genre: Metal

Age rating: 12 Years

Platforms: Youtube

Publication date: March, 15 2022

Production time: 2 months

Languages: English

Render time: 1 month

Render engine: Cycles X


Because I had no previous experience in the field, I wasn’t too sure at first about doing it, but after they presented me with their idea, I couldn’t help but try. It takes place in the near future, in which the people/band members only carry out their monotonous work in white sterile suits, but manage to break out of it as the video progresses. All the particle effects and volumetric objects like the fog or smoke had increased the rendering time quite a bit, but luckily I managed to get it under control with a lot of optimization. Shooting with the people was also really funny because they could only stand in front of a green screen.


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Video abspielen

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