VICUBE Animation

Photorealistic Moon Surface


Hi there, this is a realistic moon surface which can be used for documentaries or movies. The stars in the background are also included. There are four surface main parts which are instanced a couple of time to reduce the RAM Usage. There are also scattered small stones everywhere with Geometry Nodes for a more realistic look. The amount of subdivision are responsible, how realistic/detailed the mesh looks and can be adjusted in the modifier. The scene is made in Blender 3.3. The download contains everything you see in the pictures. Textures are packed in the file so that you only have to download the file and have everything you need. Scene is made for the Cycles Render Engine. NOTE: I recommend to have at least 32GB of RAM due to heavy/detailed geometry and textures and the use of Subdivisions. Polygons and Vertices are more in the final render than in the preview (what is stated) due to the Subdivisions. So be aware that it takes some time to calculate before it renders.


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